New interface

Can I continue working in the legacy interface?

The legacy interface is only available to partners migrated to the new version in view-only mode. You will not be able to create or edit platforms and blocks, but you will be able to view statistics over the whole usage period.

Where are my Direct blocks?

Previously created Direct blocks will not be displayed in the lists of blocks for theme-based platforms. The ad code for such blocks will still work correctly, you do not have to reinstall it. You will not be able to modify or create new similar Direct blocks or cross sections.

We suggest that you create new RTB blocks to take full advantage of this technology. To create a block with the same visual design, use the legacy view-only interface. Click View Direct settings on My platforms page. The code designer opens: select a block and review its settings on the Block visual design step.

Where are RTB blocks and search platform blocks?

During the migration, we have automatically moved theme-based and search platforms, RTB blocks, premium placements, and search Direct blocks that you created to the new interface.

RTB blocks

Previously created RTB blocks are available in Products → Theme-based platforms → RTB blocks. All blocks can be edited: please note settings that were not available in the legacy interface, i.e. new strategies, and geographic display settings.

Search blocks

Premium placements and Yandex.Direct blocks that were previously created and included in the site search results are now available in Products → Search platforms → Premium placement or Products → Search platforms → Search Direct.

Where are statistics by blocks and platforms?

During the migration, we automatically moved the statistics for the last 90 days to the new interface. Data for the last 2 years will be available within a week after migration.

Statistics by Direct cross sections

Statistics by Direct cross sections cannot be viewed through standard reports.

Use the Products → Theme-based platforms page to open cross section reports for a specific theme-based platform. Find the required platform in the list and click by Direct cross sections in the Statistics column.

Also note that it is possible to group objects by ID (cross section ID) in the wizard.

Statistics by platform, RTB blockand search block

You can navigate to platform-specific or block-specific reports from a page with a list of platforms (for example, Products → Theme-based platforms) or a list of blocks (for example, Products → Theme-based platforms → RTB blocks). Find the required platform or block in the list and click the link in the Statistics column.

You can also use standard reports or the report wizard to view statistics on theme-based and search platforms, RTB blocks, and search blocks.

  • A list of standard reports is available on the Reports tab, as well as a list of the reports saved in the wizard.
  • You can create and view new reports on the Create a new report tab using the wizard (you can also group by cross section ID).

Why don't statistical data match the legacy interface?

The automatic migration of large amounts of data is quite a complicated and time-consuming process. The main volume will be migrated to the new interface on November 14-15, but some data will be synchronizing for another 7-10 days.

When data migration is complete, we will check their integrity and accuracy.

Why did my login change after migration?

For technical reasons, we had to make all migrated user logins consistent in format:

  • all upper case letters in logins were replaced with lower case letters;

  • all dots (“.”) were replaced with hyphens (“-”).

You can still use your old login, it is automatically modified on the interface side. After sign in, your login in the top right corner of the screen is displayed in the new format.

Can I use the new interface on my mobile device?

The new interface is not yet adapted for mobile phones, smartphones or tablets. We are currently working on a full-scale mobile version and will let you know when it is ready.