InStream is advertising in linear video

InStream is advertising in linear video content that is displayed in a video player and can be placed on the following platforms:

  • desktop or mobile website;
  • mobile app (iOS/Android);
  • Smart TV app.

Read more about supported standards, technologies and platforms.

The ad can be displayed before (pre-roll), after (post-roll) and during (mid-roll) the main video requested by the resource user, or when they click "Pause" (pause-roll).

Real-Time Bidding

InStream uses Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology. Real-Time Bidding is a technology used to sell and buy ad impressions based on real-time auctions. RTB lets you maximize revenue from ad impressions, as the most profitable ad is automatically chosen out of all advertisers' ads.

How a Real-Time Bidding auction works

In this type of auction, the sellers are the YAN ad platforms where RTB impressions are enabled The buyers are the DSPs (Demand Side Platforms), which are ad systems that represent the interests of advertisers. The RTB system accepts bids from the DSP and then announces a winner.

Auctions are held in real time. As the user loads a web page, the RTB system simultaneously conducts an auction for ad impressions. A request for ads is sent to all participants of the auction. DSP systems have only a fraction of a second to determine how valuable the ad impression is and make a bid. The winner of the auction obtains the right to display its ad.

Advantages of Real-Time Bidding technology
  • Maximum profit from ad: the ad with the highest auction price is selected for each ad impression.

  • The ability to set a price cap: you can set a minimum CPM threshold for each ad block to receive advertising at the most profitable rates.

  • Control over the list of advertisers: you can block ads from specific advertisers and ads on specific themes, or assign individual cost per impression thresholds for them.

  • Ads that interest site users. Our RTB uses various types of targeting, including contextual and media ads.

  • Complete traffic monetization: if an auction had no bids that exceeded your set cost per impression threshold, your site can be configured to display ads from other systems, including your own ads. Therefore, the resource's potential can be fully realized at an optimal price.

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