Creating an InStream video block

Use the visual code designer to create video blocks in the Yandex Advertising Network interface. The designer allows you to configure a block and obtain the required code to place on a website.

To create a new InStream video block, go to the list of blocks (Products → InStream blocks) and click Add a video block.

  1. Select a website and a website section from the list to place your video block and specify the block name in the form that opens on the General tab. In the Block location field, select how a video should be played against the main video content requested by the resource user. Note the applicable restrictions.

  2. On the Settings tab, select the maximum duration of an ad block and the maximum number of ads in a block from the list. Specify the block start time against the main video content for the Mid-roll scenario.

  3. On the Strategy tab, specify the Minimum CPM for the block. You can also insert your own ad code to display video ads of other advertising systems in the same ad space, or to insert a placeholder if there aren't any suitable auction offers for showing an ad.

  4. Click Create.

A unique ID will be assigned to the block after it is saved and the block will be displayed in the list of video blocks. A block ID (ID) consists of a product ID (R-V), platform ID (page_id) and the block's serial number.

To obtain a link to a VAST template for your own player (with Yandex Video SDK or without it), find the created block in the list and click Obtain code. If you are using Yandex.Video player, ad display in the video block created will start automatically.

To edit added blocks, go to the list of blocks (Products → InStream blocks) and click Edit.