Displaying images in Yandex.Direct ads

Ads with images can be served on content sites in the Yandex Advertising Network when using RTB ad blocks.

When photos, relevant images, and logos are used in ads, users are more likely to notice ads that interest them and understand what is being offered more quickly. Images in ad blocks make the ads more clickable, which means they could also influence your site revenue.

Image width and height depends on the type of ad block. Image formats: jpg/jpeg, png, gif (only the first frame is selected for animated images). Average file size: 20 KB.

The same ad block can contain both ads with images and traditional text ads.

To enable or disable images for a specific platform, go to the list of platforms (Products → Content sites or Products → Site search ad platforms) and click Edit for the required platform. Go to Settings and change the Display images setting.

All changes to settings automatically take effect 2 hours after saving them.