RTB adaptive units

Adaptive units adapt to the dimensions of the container and are suitable for sites with an adaptive layout. The following may be displayed in these units:

  • Yandex.Direct contextual ads.

  • Banners, including Yandex.Display media banners, Yandex.Direct image ads, and smart banners.

You can select several media ad formats to display ads in adaptive units. The more formats you select, the more advertisers will be able to participate in the auction, and the more potential you will have to generate revenue.

Adaptive block

This unit can adjust itself to fit the dimensions of the frame container. You do not need to specify the width and height: you need only to insert the invocation code where you want it to appear on your site.

The height of the adaptive unit is set automatically depending on the width of the frame container. You can limit the height of the adaptive unit by selecting one of the following values:
  • High — 300 pixels
  • Low — 90 pixels
  • Automatic.
We do not recommend that you use an adaptive unit for placing ads in containers with a static height.

Yandex.Direct contextual ads evenly occupy the entire area of the adaptive unit. To display media ads, dimensions are chosen that allow the ad to fit optimally into the current format.

Maximum number of ads in the block: 1–2 Yandex.Direct ads or one banner.

Attention. The dimensions of the adaptive unit do not change when the screen orientation is changed.

In the unit creation window, you can see how the unit appearance will change depending on the width of the container. Experiment with different unit dimensions in order to find the optimal solution for your site.

Configurable unit

This static unit is displayed within the dimensions that can be manually set by the partner.

If the layout specifies the width and height of the container for inserting the ad unit, then the unit will be sized according to these dimensions. If the container dimensions have not been specified or you are unable to define them, then you can use the dimensions that are specified in the code editor.

The minimum width of the unit is 160 pixels, and the maximum height is 90 pixels. Note that the area that is required to display one Yandex.Direct ad is 60,000 square pixels (for example, 200 × 300 pixels).

The maximum number of ads in this unit is nine Yandex.Direct ads or one banner.

For more information on how you can configure the unit so that it resizes automatically depending on the site version that is displayed, see the section Container Dimensions for Custom Units.