RTB static units

The Yandex Advertising Network presents the most common types of static ad units. The number of ads and the font size of their text are determined automatically on the basis of the selected unit dimensions.

The following may be displayed in RTB units:

  • Yandex.Direct contextual ads.

  • Banners, including Yandex.Display media banners, Yandex.Direct image ads, and smart banners.

Partners can select several multimedia ad formats to be displayed in the block. Using this system, the block size can change from one impression to the next. The more formats that are selected, the more users can participate in the auction and the higher the partner's income.

The supported fixed formats are listed in the tabs below.

This unit is suitable for displaying ads to the right or left of the main content on your site's pages.

The maximum number of ads in this unit is five Yandex.Direct ads or one banner. When choosing this format for Yandex.Direct ads, do not forget to also choose other formats that are suitable for displaying media ads.