RTB units for mobile sites

We recommend that you use specialized formats for mobile sites (read more in the section Monetizing Mobile Sites). Ad units for mobile sites can display:

  • Yandex.Direct contextual ads, including ones advertising mobile apps

  • Banners, including Yandex.Display media banners, Yandex.Direct image ads, and smart banners.

Partners can select several multimedia ad formats to be displayed in the block. Using this system, the block size can change from one impression to the next. The more formats that are selected, the more users can participate in the auction and the higher the partner's income.

Restriction. Units that are anchored to the bottom edge of the screen (overlay units) can only be placed there if a “Close ad” button is included. The button must be easily accessible and visually distinguishable from the background of the site page. The partner is responsible for implementing the button, its design and location. Acceptable formats: 320×100 and 320×50.

This format, which features a non-standard design and animation, is designed specifically for mobile. As users scroll down the page, this unit will attract the attention of site visitors. When users reach the visible area of the screen with the ad, the image gradually blurs and the ad text appears in the foreground. The unit shows one Yandex.Direct contextual ad.

The Motion unit works well on pages with a list of articles, in news feeds, and in store listings. You can naturally insert this unit into the structure of any page by placing it under your main page content as well as between paragraphs. The maximum unit width is 414 pixels. When inserting this unit, ads will be evenly placed in the available space, automatically adjusting to fill the space of the frame container.

The design with animation is supported on devices with at least Android version 4.4 and iOS version 9. Mobile devices with other operating systems as well as desktop browsers will show a vertical unit with a single Yandex.Direct ad instead of the Motion unit.

Note. Blocks that can be placed in mobile apps are described in Advertising in mobile apps.