id, type, and available elements

Note. The id, type, and available elements in the YML format are attributes of the offer element.

available — product status

The available element specifies the product status — “ready to ship” or “made to order”. Whether or not delivery and customer pickup terms are displayed on Yandex.Market depends on the product status.


The available element is used in addition to the data that is configured in your personal account:

  • when the local courier delivery terms are set in your personal account.

  • in addition to the courier delivery terms for shipments to other regions.

  • in addition to customer pickup.

The available element is not used when the local courier delivery terms are configured in the price list (in any format), because the product status can be indicated using the delivery-options or local_delivery_days elements.

Possible values:

  • true — the product is ready to ship and will be delivered by courier or to the place of customer pickup within the specified time.

    Yandex.Market will display the delivery times published in your personal account.

  • false — the product is made to order, and the exact time of delivery by courier or to the place of customer pickup is unknown. The delivery period will be negotiated with the buyer on an individual basis (the maximum permitted delivery period is two months).

    The delivery terms are not shown on Yandex.Market, and the delivery period is labeled “custom”.

This element is optional. If the element is not specified, the default value "true" is used.

The store specifies its local courier delivery terms in its personal account, and available has the value false. The following are displayed for the offer on Yandex.Market:

  • for courier delivery to the store's local region — “custom”

  • for courier delivery to other regions — “custom”

  • for customer pickup — “custom”

id — offer identifier

The id element specifies the product offer identifier. The identifier may consist of only numbers and Latin characters. The maximum length of the id is 20 characters.


You must specify an identifier. The offer identifier must be:

  • unique for all the product offers in a single price list.

  • remain constant for the same offer in all versions of a single price list.

if two or more product offers specify the same id, then the identifier will be assigned only to the first of these offers. For the rest, a warning message will be displayed during verification when no identifier is found.

type — offer type

The type element specifies the offer type.

The following description types work for the majority of products: