Offer name: vendor, name, model, and typePrefix

The name of your offer is the most important part of the product offer description, since the information that is communicated in the name:

  • is displayed on the service.

  • is used to determine the product category in the Market category tree.

  • plays a certain role in determining how well the product is bound to the product profile.

You must provide the following information to ensure the correct classification and binding to the product profile. The following data must be included in the offer name:

  • product type or product category, such as, for example, “Citrus juicer”, “Gasoline lawn mower”.

  • product manufacturer or brand, such as, for example, “Bosch” or “Samsung”.

  • product model, such as, for example, “M2 mini” or “32LF620U”.

In order to bind the product to the product profile, in certain categories the following important information must be provided in addition to the model. For example, “iPhone 6s 128gb Rose Gold or “Sureste-N 150x70. These important parameters are listed in the recommendations for writing your offers in individual categories.

In addition, by creating a correct offer name you will reduce the number of irrelevant clicks.

How to draft the offer name

The offer name is written differently in the simplified and custom descriptions.

In the simplified description type

The full offer name is provided in a single element — name. This element cannot contain more than 120 characters.

In order to increase the accuracy of the binding to the product profile, we also recommend the following:

  • Duplicate the manufacturer's name in the vendor element — this significantly reduces the number of instances when a manufacturer is misattributed.

  • Provide the model and other important parameters in the model element — this improves the accuracy of binding to the product profile.

ElementData in the element

name, required

  • produce type or category

  • manufacturer or brand

  • product model and important parameters

vendor, optional

manufacturer or brand

model, optional

product model and important parameters

YML format example:
<name>Adidas (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON sneakers</name>
<model>(VLNEO) V RACER NYLON</model>

Acceptable example without the model element:

<name>Adidas (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON sneakers</name>

Acceptable example without the vendor and model elements:

<name>Adidas (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON sneakers</name>

In the custom description type (vendor.model)

The offer name is “formed” from the values of three elements: typePrefix, vendor, and model. The typePrefix element provides information about the product type and category, the vendor element specifies the manufacturer, and the model element presents information about the model and important parameters.

ElementData in the element

typePrefix, optional

product type or category (must be specified correctly)

vendor, required

manufacturer or brand

model, required

product model and important parameters

Examples for YML format:
<model>iPhone 6s 128gb rose gold</model>
<model>(VLNEO) V RACER NYLON</model>

Common errors

Incorrect data in the vendor, model or typePrefix elements can lead to errors in linking the offer to the product profile.

Extraneous data in the model

The most common mistake is repeating the manufacturer or product type in the model element.


Incorrect example in the custom description:

<model>Adidas sneakers (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON</model>

Incorrect example in the simplified description:

<name>Adidas (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON sneakers</name>
<model>Adidas sneakers (VLNEO) V RACER NYLON</model>

You cannot use the model to indicate the manufacturer or product type. This element is only for indicating the model and important parameters.

Incorrect product type in typePrefix

When indicating the product type in typePrefix, please remember:

  • You need to consider how the manufacturer positions the product (for example, the iPad is a tablet and not a mobile phone).

  • You may not use words that are ambiguous or too general.

Example 1

The following is a correct example for a Hundersdorf 20-liter gas can:

<typePrefix>Канистра для бензина</typePrefix>

Incorrect version:

Example 2

Correct examples of how to list the Samsung Galaxy s6 mobile phone:

<typePrefix>Мобильный телефон</typePrefix>

Incorrect version: