Search suggestions

Yandex Site Search form displays suggestions as the site user types the query.

To configure suggestions, select a search on the My search boxes page and go to Search suggestions. If you want to disable suggestions completely, clear the checkbox show suggestions in the search form.

If this option is selected, your search form always shows suggestions selected for your site by Yandex. You can change the suggestions to be used and their order.

To set up the suggestions, request the suggestion database for the language used in the search form.

Suggestion setup

Suggestions are configured separately for each language. For example, the Russian suggestion settings are valid only in the form whose code is generated for the Russian language.

However, words in the suggestions database can be in any language (for example, users from Russia can search English names).

When you set up your suggestions, you set the order of suggestions for prefixes (initial letters) of the queries. The settings are inherited by longer prefixes: if you have configured suggestions for the prefix “ya”, the order of suggestions for the “yan” prefix also changes.

To move a suggestion in the list, drag-and-drop it.