Questions and answers

Is it possible to enable search on several sites?

If you use common Yandex Site Search, you can add up to 50 sites to the search area.

If you use online store search, you can include only one site in the search area (i.e., the site where you put the search form).

Can I set up search on sites that I don't own?

No. You can only set up search on sites that you can verify your rights to.

My site has several mirrors. Which mirror will be searched?

The search results will lead to the main mirror of the site.

Which site pages will be included in the search?

Only the site pages indexed by Yandex will be included in the search.

Can I add a search form using my CMS webpage editor?

We do not recommend pasting the form code into CMS HTML editors.

Some HTML editors try to safeguard the entered text before publishing it. Therefore, even if you switch from visual editing to HTML editing mode, the form script on the edited page may fail.

To ensure that the form script runs correctly, insert the form code directly into the page's HTML code. If your site uses HTML templates, insert the form code into the template file.

How do I enable ads in Yandex Site Search?

You can display ads on a page of your site containing search results. To do this, you have to insert both the search results code and ad blocks you need on the page yourself.

You can get the ad block code by signing on with Yandex Advertising Network.

My site uses frameset. Is it possible to show search results on such pages?

No. Yandex Site Search does not support frames.

Can I change the design of online store search forms?

The design of standard online store search forms is not configurable. To use custom forms, configure set up result delivery in the JSON format using Yandex Site Search API.

How do I find out the IP address of my site?

For the web hostings with standard settings, you can use the following ways to find out the site's IP address:

  1. Use the "IP lookup" service. For example, this:

  2. Run ping command for your site's domain in the console. (To open the console in Windows, click Windows+R, enter cmd in the window that opens, and click OK).

    Example of the ping command:


    The system will automatically detect the IP address of the site and display it in the console.

In some cases, the IP address of the site does not match the IP address of the server that delivers your HTTP requests. In this case, contact your hosting support for details.