Creating and changing a topic

Restriction. You cannot use search topics for new searches.

By using search topics, you can include up to 100,000 sites of the same subject in your search area. To go beyond the limit of 50 sites that can be specified manually in the search area, create your own search topic: open the page Custom search topics and click Create custom search.

You can create maximum 1,000 search topics.

When you create a topic, specify the following required parameters:

  • Topic — the name to identify your topic in Yandex Site Search. The topic name should clearly enough reflect the site focus to pass moderation.

  • Description — description of the subject matter of the sites covered by the topic. The description should help moderators evaluate whether a site belongs to the topic.

  • Name — the contact name of the topic owner for moderators of Yandex Site Search.

  • Site — the address of the site to host your custom search.

  • Email address — the contact email address of the custom search topic owner.

  • Site list — the list of sites you want to cover by your custom search topic. Include sites rather than individual pages in your list: the moderators only check entire sites for topic compliance.

If you would like to update the list of sites covered by the topic by using HTTP requests, enter the originating IP address for such requests in the IP address field.

Before every topic can be used, it must pass moderation: we must make sure that the sites listed actually belong to the same topic. After moderation, the topic must also be included in the big search index (it takes 7-10 days).

You can use your moderated and indexed topic to enable search in the topic's sites on Yandex Site Search or Yandex.XML.