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  1. Simple and advanced surveys
    1. Survey management
    2. Completing the survey
    3. Survey results
    4. Survey moderation
    5. Paying for the survey
  2. Questions about testing videos and boardomatics
  3. Questions about UX testing

Simple and advanced surveys

Survey management

Can I change the appearance of the survey?
You can customize the appearance of a survey of your base or an advanced survey of Yandex Surveys respondents if you select additional targetings.
Can I embed videos in questions?
No, you can't add videos, but you can embed pictures in questions.
How do I edit the survey during moderation?
Cancel moderation, make changes to the survey, and click Run. The survey will be resubmitted for moderation and launched after it passes.
What responder parameters can I set?
With standard targetings, you can specify the respondents' gender, age, region, and interests. With additional targetings, you can specify their gender, age, region, marital status, household, and whether they have children and a car.
From which countries can I survey respondents?
You can survey respondents from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, and Uzbekistan. The exception is that you can't survey respondents from Crimea.
Can I increase the number of questions?
No, currently this option isn't supported. The maximum number of questions in a simple survey is 4, and in an advanced survey, it's 20.
Can I embed pictures in questions or responses?
You can add one image no larger than 5 MB to a question, but you can't add images to responses.
Can I insert links in the survey?
No, it's forbidden by the moderation rules.
Can I configure the display logic?
Yes, you can configure the display logic. To do this, click on the survey creation page.
Can I grant access to my survey to another user?
Yes, you can grant access to other users of Yandex Surveys to edit the survey or view statistics. To do this, click Configure access on the survey creation page.
What does the name of the survey affect?
It helps you navigate your list of surveys. Respondents can't see the name.
How do I copy/end/pause/delete a survey?

Completing the survey

How long is the survey period?
The survey period is from 1 to 5 days depending on the audience settings and the number of ordered questionnaires. The broader the audience and the smaller the number of questionnaires, the faster your survey is completed.
Where will my survey be visible?
Surveys are shown in the Yandex Advertising Network.
How can I see how respondents view my survey?
Click View test survey on the survey creation page in the What respondents will see section to view your questionnaire the way respondents see it.
At the end of the survey, a page appears with the words "Thank you!". Can I write another text instead?
No, you can't change the text on this page. To leave a message at the end of the questionnaire, create a separate page after all of the questions.
Can the respondent go back when completing a survey?
No, this option isn't supported at the moment.
Who will take my survey?
We select respondents on the internet according to the specified survey criteria. The selection is carried out using the Crypt technology, which is also used in Yandex.Direct.
How large is your respondent base?
Our respondent base has more than 50 million users. We can collect as many questionnaires as necessary.
What is the respondents' motivation to take the survey? Do they get paid for it?
Respondents take surveys voluntarily if they are interested in the topic. They are not rewarded for their responses.
Can I motivate users with money, coupons, and other things?
No, it's forbidden by the moderation rules.

Survey results

Do you check whether the survey is taken by real people?
Yandex Surveys is protected against fraud with automatic and manual filtering methods. If the questionnaire is declared invalid, it's not taken into account in the statistics and payment.
How long will I have to wait for results?
Statistics are updated in real time as users fill out questionnaires, so you'll see the first results in a few hours after the survey is launched.
What does the survey report look like?
The survey results are presented as an infographic in your account and an Excel file with all of the responses. See the example demo survey results.
What respondent data is in the report?
Surveys are anonymous, and the results don't include any information about the respondents.
Can I delete some of the responses from the statistics?
You can't delete responses, but when the results are uploaded to Excel, you can set up filters to display only the responses you need.
Can I reset the survey results?
You can't reset the results, but you can copy the survey and create a new one with a different selection of respondents.
Do the statistics include the responses of respondents who didn't finish the survey?
Yes. You'll receive the responses of all respondents who started completing the survey.
What are repeat visits?
Repeat visits are visits to the survey page after the survey is completed. In this case, the respondent is shown a page with the text You have already completed this survey.
Why are there more questionnaires than I paid for?
This happens due to the specifics of the service. For example, if multiple respondents were taking your survey at the same time when the required number of questionnaires was reached. You don't have to pay for these extra questionnaires.
How do I know if the respondent watched the video?
The statistics don't have this data because videos are hosted on a third-party platform. But when you create a survey, you can enable the Limit the time for viewing the question option and select Don't go to the next question until the video is over. Then the respondent will be able to move on to the next question after they watch the video.

Survey moderation

How do I cancel survey moderation?
Open the survey and click Cancel moderation.
How long does survey moderation take?
Moderation takes up to two working days after the payment is received. After the survey passes moderation and is launched, you'll get an email in your profile's mailbox.

Paying for the survey

Is there a discount based on the number of surveys?
No, the number of surveys doesn't affect the cost.
How can I pay?
You can use a bank account, bank card, or Yandex Surveys wallet.
Can I pay for the survey from another account?
Yes. Payment can be made from any account that has access to the survey.

Questions about testing videos and boardomatics

How much does testing cost?
You pay for every questionnaire separately — the cost depends on the targetings that you select.
In which countries can testing be done?
Testing can be done only in Russia.
How many videos can I add to a test?
One test is for one video. You can't add more.

Questions about UX testing

Will I see the clicks of respondents who don't complete testing?
Yes, the results will include the clicks of all respondents who started testing.
How long will it take to get 100 responses to UX testing?
About an hour.
How many people will complete the task?
Testing includes at least 100 participants who are guaranteed to complete the task.
How do users see the task?
Click the preview icon on the survey creation page to view the questionnaire the way respondents see it.
Can I run testing on a live website instead of screenshots?

No, you can't add website links to the task. To see where users click on a live website, we recommend that you use Yandex.Metrica and the click map.

Our service is suitable for testing projects at the prototype stage – when you have the design, but aren't sure whether to implement it. This is a great chance to see how users will behave, notice interface errors, and fix them without affecting real users.

What statistics will I get?
  • The click map (heat map) displays all user clicks.
  • The first click map displays where users clicked first.
  • Time that users spent on completing each step and the entire task.
How do I interpret the click map?

If the map has bright spots only in places users were supposed to click, everything is fine.

If you see bright spots on the interface elements not related to the task, it means that something isn't working correctly. Why do users click there? Perhaps the icon is unclear or the button functions are not obvious. To fix this, you need to change the design.

How do I interpret the time users spent completing each step of the task?

The faster a user completes the task correctly, the better. Since each interface is different, we recommend that you determine how much time is acceptable for completing the task in advance. For example, you can use the time users previously spent on a task as a benchmark and aim to reduce it when redesigning or making small changes in the interface.

Another option is to test two different interface designs, and choose the one in which users complete tasks faster and more accurately. Numerical values on the click map can help you determine how many more users click the desired area in one prototype than in another.

Also note which step takes the most time to complete. Perhaps this step requires more engagement and thought, or it is the bottleneck of the interface. Users usually spend the most time on the first step because they see the site for the first time and study it. This is normal.