Promo codes

How to apply a promo code

A promo code is a combination of letters and numbers that can cover part of your payment for Yandex.Surveys.

You can obtain a promo code from Yandex.Surveys, other Yandex services, or our partners, and use the promo code to partially pay for a survey. Promo codes are only valid in Russia.

Before activating a promo code, make sure that your survey conforms to our rules. If the survey fails to pass moderation, the promo code is invalidated and you can't use it again.

To activate a promo code:
  1. Create a survey and enter the number of respondents.
  2. Click Pay as legal entity.
  3. You will be redirected to Yandex Balance. Enter your promo code in the special field. The invoice amount must not be less than the amount in the accompanying materials to the promo code.
  4. Select the payer type and the payment method, then enter the details.
  5. Click Select.
  6. Pay the invoice.

Terms of use for the promo code

  1. The promo code can only be used once. You can't reuse the promo code if you already entered it in the special field when making a payment.
  2. The promo code can't be transferred to third parties.
  3. If you violate the promo code terms of use, including in cases where it's detected after activation, you get services only for the amount you have paid.
  4. The amount of the discount from the promo code can't be paid in cash.
  5. Services are provided according to the Offer.

Problems and their resolution

What do I do if the promo code doesn't work?

The promo code is issued under certain conditions and for a certain period. Check the promo terms in the accompanying materials before activating the promo code.

For example, there are promo codes that can only be applied to the first survey. If you created a survey before, you won't be able to apply such a promo code.