Left items in taxi

The fastest way to retrieve items you left in a taxi is to call the driver. Their phone number is indicated in the Push notification. You can also contact the driver via the app in the Order history section. The Call button will be available for 24 hours after finishing the ride or until you next order a taxi.

If the phone used to request the ride was left in the taxi, use the Comments section of the form below to indicate:

  • The forgotten item.
  • The number of the phone you used to request the ride.
  • The date and approximate arrival time of the taxi.
  • The pickup address and the destination.

Please note that the driver's phone number can be sent to the email address specified in the app.

You can call the driver if you requested your ride from another phone. If the driver does have your item, please agree on a convenient time and place to return it.

If you were unable to contact the driver, please write to us using the form below, or call +74997058888.