How to get an e-receipt

E-receipts are provided when the following transactions take place:

  • A ride is paid for using a bank card or Apple Pay
  • Funds are withdrawn for a paid ride cancellation
  • A tip is paid to the driver
  • The passenger is refunded.

E-receipts are available in your ride history: tap on the ride card and then the ride cost.

You'll get your receipt in a Push notification after every transaction. So make sure that you allow Push notifications in your smartphone settings.

Note. If you are using iOS version 3.84 of the Yandex.Taxi app, please update it. This is necessary to receive e-receipts.

In iOS versions 8.x and 9.x, push notifications only appear if the app is minimized or closed (this applies to all apps). For your device, we recommend using the latest version of iOS.