I think my account has been hacked

If you suspect that someone else used your Uber account or there is suspicious account activity, your account may be compromised.

Suspicious activity includes:

  • Trip requests on your account you didn't make.
  • Completed trips on your account you didn't request or take.
  • Phone calls or text messages from drivers about pickup when you did not request a trip.
  • Receipts for trips on your account that you don't recognize.
  • Account changes that you didn't make.
  • Password or email attached to your account updated without your knowledge.

If you are able to sign in to your account, you should reset your password. To do this:

  1. Select Help from your app menu.
  2. Tap I Can't Sign In Or Request A Ride → I Forgot My Password.
  3. Follow the instructions to create a new and unique password.

I forgot my password.

If you are unable to sign in, please share details.

Contact support.