I'm not getting any new orders

Orders are distributed by the system automatically, our team can't assign them manually. This levels the playing field for all drivers.

Ride demand is low right now, so wait times between orders are longer. If you aren't getting new orders, start with these steps:

— Check the Diagnostics section: if you have any order restrictions, you can find the details here

— Check to see if your internet connection is stable

— Tap Go online

If everything is working fine but you're still not getting orders, consider these recommendations:

— Stay closer to downtown

— Go online during rush hours: weekdays from 7:00 to 21:00 and weekends from 12:00 to midnight

— Don't park and wait, change your location

— Avoid enabling the Busy status

— Remember that there will be less orders if you're in “Home” or “My destinations” mode, or you only accept one form of payment

— Take advantage of all the available service classes, including Delivery and Courier — their demand is increasing right now

Enable “Delivery” or “Courier”