Yandex Telemost mobile app

Yandex Telemost is a service that provides video meetings accessible by link. You can use Yandex Telemost to organize business conferences, create live streams, and meet with your colleagues, throw video parties, and get together with friends and family. All you have to do is create a meeting and send the link to your friends or colleagues.

Meetings in Yandex Telemost have no time limit and can accommodate up to 40 participants. Stay connected , Yandex Telemost mobile app (for Android or iOS), or the Yandex Disk mobile app.


How to set up the camera and microphone.

Create a video meeting

How to create or schedule a meeting and invite friends.

Join a video meeting

How to accept a meeting invitation.

What you can do in a meeting

What actions are available on the screen during meetings.

Managing Meeting

How to manage participants: turn off microphones, cameras, or share your screen.

Video meeting chat

How to use a meeting chat.

Share your screen

How to share your screen with meeting participants and what viewers can do.

Live streams

How to schedule and live stream a video meeting and who can take part in it.