Live streams

A live stream is a video meeting with hosts, speakers (participants), and viewers. You can schedule a live stream or create one now.

Live streams can have up to 40 participants and up to 10,000 viewers.

Employees of any company with the Optimal or Advanced plan can create a live stream. They get two live steam links: one for participants and one for viewers. The stream can be viewed by anyone with the link.

Tip. We recommend activating the plan in advance. It takes some time for live streams to become available once the plan is activated.


You can schedule a live stream in advance and add it to Yandex Calendar:

  1. Open Yandex Telemost.
  2. Click New live stream → Schedule.
  3. Enter the name of the live stream (it will be displayed on the page for viewers) and add a description.
  4. Choose the date and time for the live stream. If you're planning to have regular live streams, select Repeat.
  5. Add participants and click Create.

You'll see the event with two links in Yandex Calendar: one for participants and one for viewers. All participants will automatically see this event in their calendar.

You'll have to share the link with your viewers separately. You can send it by e-mail or share it in a chat or on the project page.

You can open the link only an hour before the scheduled event starts. The connection screen displays a status message of the live stream: in progress or hasn't started yet.


You can create live streams right on the Yandex Telemost start screen:

  1. Click New live stream → Create now.
  2. Enter the name of the live stream and add a description (they will be displayed on the page for viewers).
  3. Click Create. You'll automatically become the host of the live stream.

You can also create a live stream from an active video meeting.


A live stream doesn't start automatically, even at its scheduled time. Its host has to click Start live stream and wait for about a minute. You'll have to wait for the same amount to start a live stream which was paused.


Hosts and co-hosts can:

  • Pause the live stream: click Pause live stream.
  • Resume the live stream: click Resume live stream.
  • Invite participants (speakers) to the live stream with a link.
  • Share the live stream link with viewers: click Link for viewers or copy it from the live stream chat.


Participants join the video meeting via link from the hosts and act as speakers. They can:

  • Invite other participants via link.
  • Share the live stream link with viewers.


Viewers can:

  • Open the link and watch the live stream in a browser.
  • Share the live stream link with other people.

Write in the chat

Live stream hosts, participants, and viewers can talk in a public chat.
Restriction. When a live stream is over, the chat is saved in Yandex Messenger and available only for its hosts and participants (if they are logged in to their Yandex accounts).