How to be successful in Toloka

Follow these simple rules:

  • Provide your real data during registration.
  • Use only one account.
  • Don't use scripts or bots.
  • Complete tasks carefully.
  • Communicate with requesters and the support team in a constructive, business-like manner.
Tip. Sometimes, you need advice to complete tasks efficiently and use the platform correctly. If you need clarification on a task, contact the requester via personal messages. If you have a question about using the platform, or something doesn't work, contact support.

Honest and dishonest performers

All characters are fictional and any resemblance to actual persons living or dead is accidental.

Vanya Oleg
A young engineer who spends his evenings online and uses weekends to go out and meet up with friends. He has been successfully using Toloka for a long time. We'll tell you how. An IT specialist with incomplete higher education who specializes in website development. He uses Toloka as an additional source of income. He has registered recently and has already encountered problems. Let's find out what he did wrong.
Vanya provides his real personal data on all online services he uses. He sees no point in deceiving anyone. When registering in Toloka, he provided his passport details correctly and has been successfully earning money for several years. Oleg usually registers with fictitious names or nicknames. When registering in Toloka, he used a fictitious first and last name and found himself unable to withdraw the money. When he was asked to confirm that the account belongs to him, he couldn't do it because the name in the account and in the documents didn't match.
Using the account
Vanya knows that according to the user agreement, he can have only one performer account in Toloka. He registered one account and successfully uses it both on the website and in the mobile app. He safeguards the security of his username and password and doesn't give access to his account to anyone. Oleg decided to register several accounts at once despite the rules, hoping to earn more. As a result, he was caught by the antifraud radars, and his accounts were blocked for violating the user agreement. Now he can't use Toloka anymore.
Completing tasks
Vanya believes in earning an honest living. So he tries to be attentive, carefully study the instructions, and complete tasks correctly. No wonder he has high skill levels in a variety of tasks. He has access to the most difficult and well-paid tasks and gets rewards. After a week of using Toloka, Oleg decided to make his life a little easier. He wrote some scripts, and started to complete tasks automatically. "Great! Now I can earn some passive income," Oleg thought. But soon Toloka algorithms banned him for using scripts.
Confidential information
Vanya tells his friends about Toloka, shares his referral link, and helps them find their way around the platform. But he remembers that all data in Toloka is confidential and doesn't share screenshots of tasks with friends or post them in social networks. Vanya's friends successfully complete tasks and increase his earnings. Oleg believes that any way to make money is good and distributes his referral link through viral emails. Oleg also makes videos of how he completes training and posts screenshots of completed tasks in social networks. Moderators noticed this, excluded him from the referral program, and blocked his access to Toloka for disclosing confidential information. Now he can't make his own money or get a percentage of his friends' earnings.

What not to do in Toloka

We make sure that users follow the rules of the platform, so we check the information they provide.

Toloka has an antifraud system for monitoring and preventing fraudulent behavior. It checks user behavior and blocks suspicious accounts. In different cases, the ban may be caused by different reasons, and we are not always able to remove it. Sometimes, the account may be blocked again after unblocking.

So do not:

  • Use the platform if you are under 18.
  • Provide invalid data during registration or in your profile.
  • Use multiple accounts.
  • Use scripts or bots or try to earn dishonestly.
  • Complete tasks poorly.
  • Make frequent mistakes when entering captchas, enter them carelessly, or skip them.

What to do if you are banned

Note. If your account is blocked, you will receive two messages: an automatic notification about the ban and a message from the administrator explaining the reason for the ban and what you can do. Usually, you need to fill out a form and provide documents or a selfie.
  1. Fill out the feedback form by clicking on the link in the administrator's message.
  2. Meet the support requirements. Provide a document to confirm your identity if you are asked to do so. The pictures should be clear, and your first and last name, date of birth, and photo should be clearly visible in the document. Make sure that the data in the photo is readable before submitting the form.
  3. Wait for the administrator's decision. Usually it takes one to several days to check the data.

If you're banned, it's not necessarily permanent. For example, if you often make mistakes when entering captchas, you may be blocked and asked to confirm that you are a real person and not a robot. You will most likely be unblocked the first time. But if you continue to make mistakes when entering captchas, you may lose access to tasks.