Reviewing task responses

If you set non-automatic acceptance in the pool settings, you need to review the performers' responses within the time limit set in the Deadline field. Performers may challenge a rejected response by submitting an appeal.

You can review assignments online or upload review results in a TSV file.

Note. Note that you can't change the task status if the task pool was archived.

To accept or reject one task:

  1. Click the Review assignments button on the pool page.

  2. Choose an assignment.

    If responses include files uploaded by the performers, click the Actions → Download attachments button to download them. To download all files in submitted assignments in a ZIP archive, click Download results → Download attachments on the assignments review page.

  3. Review the assignment, then click Accept or Decline. For rejected assignments, enter a comment (explain why you declined it).

To accept or reject multiple assignments at once, select the tasks in the list and click Accept or Decline.


Within 7 days after the review, the performer can challenge the result by filing an appeal. To do this, the user sends a message with the result ID (assignment_id) in the subject line and explains why the task should be accepted.

If a task was mistakenly rejected, accept it. Review all appeals and respond within 14 days.