You can use skills to restrict access to a pool. A skill is an assessment of some aspect of the user's performance (a number between 0 and 100), which can be updated as tasks are completed.

To select users by skill:

  1. Create a skill.

  2. Set up a quality control rule for calculating the skill.

    You can also set and edit the skill value manually.

  3. Add a skill filter to the pool.

You can track statistics for skill values and the history of skill changes for each user.

Make the skill public and set dynamic pricing in the pool to encourage users to increase their skill.

Dynamic pricing

Dynamic pricing allows setting the price for a task page in accordance with the skill level. Users can get more money for better performance.

Give an incentive to users by making a skill public, so that the user can see the skill level as well as the price range.

  1. Open the pool settings.
  2. Click + Dynamic pricing in the Price section for the task page.
  3. Choose a skill in the pop-up window.
  4. Define different ranges between 0 and 100 and specify the price for each.
Example of dynamic pricing ranges