Pool parameters




The pool name and description (only accessible to the requester).


Public description

If it is filled in, the text will be displayed instead of the project description in the task list for performers.


The name of the linked training.

Level required

Percentage of correct answers in training tasks (from 0 to 100) required to be admitted to the main tasks. The calculation is based on the first responses the performer gave in each task.

Price per task page

Payment per task page in U.S. dollars. For cents, use the dot (“.”) as a separator. The minimum price is $0.01.

You can define a fixed amount or set dynamic pricing.

Time on task

The time allowed for completing a task page, in seconds. Uncompleted tasks are redistributed to other performers.

We recommend spending no more than 60 seconds per task (including the time for page loading and sending responses).


The number of performers who should complete each task in the pool.

Captcha frequency

The frequency of showing captchas:

  • “No” — Don't show captchas.

  • “Low” — Show a captcha after every 20 tasks.

  • “Medium”/ “High” — Show a captcha after every 10 tasks.

To show the captcha to the performers, set the quality control rule. For example:


The date the pool closes. The pool closes on this date, even if the tasks aren't completed.

Keep task order

Assign tasks in the order they are listed in the TSV file. If the pool has an overlap, the next task is distributed only when the previous task is completed by the necessary number of performers.

Use this option to:

  • Speed up collection of responses for majority vote check.

  • Issue tasks by priority.

    Put important tasks in the beginning of the file. They will be completed faster and with the necessary overlap.

By default, tasks are issued in random order.

PriorityNumber from 0 to 100. Allows you to rank a pool within a project. First, a performer is assigned tasks from a pool with higher priority.
Tasks per pageAfter uploading tasks to the pool using “smart mixing” you can change the number of tasks on the page.

Click the button to configure random check by majority vote.

Adult content

Whether the tasks have porn content. Tasks with porn content are only issued to performers who are ready to complete these tasks.

If you didn't check whether the tasks have porn content, select "Yes".

Mobile only

Tasks are available for completing only in the mobile interface.

Offline accept

Turn on the option to check the completed tasks manually.


The number of days for accepting the tasks (max — 21). The performer will see the deadline for checking the tasks:

  • In the task information on the Toloka main page.

  • In the history of completed tasks.

Users filter

Filters and skills.

Speed / QualityThis setting lets you choose the most active performers by rating or set the time limit for pool completion.