Task settings

    What overlap should I set?

    Overlap defines how many users complete one pool task.

    The best overlap is an overlap that provides satisfying quality of results. For most tasks that are not reviewed, overlap from “3” to “5” is enough. If the tasks are simple overlap “3” is likely to be enough. For tasks that are reviewed, set overlap to “1”.

    Can I change overlap after the pool is started?

    Yes. To change overlap after the pool is started:

    1. Stop the pool.

    2. Set the new overlap.

    3. Wait till the settings are applied. You can see it from the change in the pool budget.

    4. Start the pool again.

    What is the right time limit for the task completion?

    Try completing the tasks yourself. Ask your colleagues and friends to complete them. Find out average completion time and add 50% to it.

    How many tasks should I include in a task suite?

    The number of tasks in a suite depends on how difficult and time-consuming the tasks are. Don't make too large task suites. They are inconvenient for the users (for example, if internet connection is unstable) and unpopular.

    Why has the speed of pool completion dropped?

    You may have stopped the training pool linked to the main one. This could limit the number of users with access to the pool. Start the pool again. The number of users accessing the pool will grow.