Resending tasks for completion

If a performer completed several task pages and lost access to the pool (as the result of a quality control rule or a filter), Toloka can resend all the performer's tasks in the pool to be completed by other performers. Tasks of banned performers are reassigned, but those of paused performers are not.

To set up automated resending of tasks, add the Banned users' reassessment quality control rule to the pool.

Attention. This setting can result in increased cost of the pool.

Completion of fields in the rule:

  • To reassign task pages when a performer loses access to the pool for failing a quality control rule (such as the golden set, majority vote, quick answers, skipping assignments, or captcha):

  • To reassign task pages when a performer doesn't satisfy filter criteria any longer (for example, if the performer changed their profile region or started using another device to complete the tasks):

  • To reassign task pages if the performer no longer passes a specific skill filter: