You can download performers' responses in TSV file as tasks are completed. If tasks are assigned with overlap (for example, each task is completed by 5 performers), you can get aggregated responses. Toloka will analyze the performers' responses in the task and choose one of them. Aggregation cannot be completed for the fields containing a file, coordinates, JSON object or a text string.

Files sent by the performers in responses can be downloaded separately (for example, if a task requires attaching a photo).

Getting the TSV file with responses

To get a TSV file with performers' responses, click the Download results button on the pool page.

Fields in the TSV file with responses:

  • INPUT:<object ID in the input data description> — Input data for tasks.

  • OUTPUT:<field ID in the output data description> — Responses from performers. For training tasks, the field includes first attempted answers.

  • GOLDEN:<the field ID in the output data field description> — Responses for control tasks.

  • HINT:text — Hints for training tasks.

  • Information about the completion of a task (the same for all tasks on the page):

    • ASSIGNMENT:link — Link for viewing the task page.

    • ASSIGNMENT:assignment_id — ID of the assigned task page.

    • ASSIGNMENT:worker_id — ID of the performer who completed the task.

    • ASSIGNMENT:started — Date and time the task page was assigned.

    • ASSIGNMENT:status — Task status (“SUBMITTED” — completed, “APPROVED” — accepted, “REJECTED” — declined).

Sample TSV file:

Aggregated responses

To download the TSV file with aggregated responses:

  1. Start the data analysis process: click Download results → Aggregation of results on the pool page.

    Aggregation takes some time (from 10 minutes to several hours). You can track it on the Operations page.

  2. Download the TSV file when it is ready: click the Download link on the Operations page.

The TSV file with aggregated responses contains fields CONFIDENCE: <the output data field ID>. The CONFIDENCE fields contain the significance of the response as a percentage (see Statistical significance).

Getting files

If the performers were asked to upload files, the TSV file with responses will contain IDs of the files received from performers. To download files on your computer, click the Download results → Download attachments button on the pool page.