Completing a task

    To perform a task:

    1. Choose a task on the of Toloka.

    2. Read the instructions carefully to answer the questions correctly. If you make too many mistakes, you might lose access to the tasks.

    3. Tap the Start button.

    4. Answer the questions and tap Submit.

    You will be redirected to a page with the next task. Complete it or return to the list of tasks (the Back to main page button).


    For certain tasks, you must pass free training before completing them.

    Questions and answers

    How do I choose a task?

    The tasks available to you at the moment are listed on the Toloka main page. Each of them has a short description and price. Choose a task and complete it.

    There are no tasks in the list

    Wait till new tasks are available. It's possible that all the tasks in Toloka are completed at the moment.

    The tasks are distributed to the users automatically. Users receive tasks based on several factors: the user's region and language, skills, response quality, and so on.

    I want to take a certain type of task, but it is not in the list anymore

    While these tasks are absent, you can take other ones. The desired tasks may appear again later.

    Can I complete tasks in a foreign language using a translator program?

    No. The tasks are intended for native speakers. If you complete tasks in another language, your skill level may be lowered or your account may blocked.

    Can I do tasks in Turkish if I know the language but I am not a native speaker?

    Yes, but only if you are ready to take a risk. For poorly completed tasks you can get your skill level lowered or your account blocked.

    What should I do if I received a task that I do not want to complete?

    You can refuse a task and go to the next one (use the Skip button). Only fully completed tasks are paid for.

    If you come across illegal content (for example, child pornography), please contact the Toloka support service:

    How do I stop task completion correctly if I decided to take a break?

    If you have fully completed the task, click Next, and then Back to main page.

    If you have not completed the task fully, close the browser tab. When you reopen the page, the task will be available in the Active tab. You will be able to finish it.

    My account is blocked. Who should I contact?

    Contact the Toloka support service:

    What should I do if the service is not working properly?

    Contact the Toloka support service: