Video player doesn't work

Player froze

Follow these steps:

There's no sound

By default, videos are loaded with the sound off. If you can't turn up the volume in the video player:

  • Make sure that sound is enabled in the browser and on your device.
  • Restart the browser or your device.

Video player control buttons don't work

When you launch the browser for the first time, some plugins that are necessary for the content encryption system to properly work may not be enabled. Restart the browser and your device to enable plugins.

If the issue persists, contact support.

There are no video player control buttons

Disable plugins

If you're using an ad blocker (such as AdBlock or AdGuard), disable it in your browser settings and check if this solves the problem. Learn more at Configure ad blocker.

Update the drivers for your graphics card
  1. Click Start → Control panel → Device manager.
  2. Open the Display adapters tab. This displays a list of graphics cards.
  3. Right-click the name of your graphics card.
  4. Select Update Driver (or Update Driver Software) in the context menu.

If you followed these recommendations, but the issue persists, contact technical support.