Your Yandex.Videohub channel is created automatically. All videos you upload are linked to it. Channel information is displayed in Yandex.Efir.

Design the look of your channel:

Channel title and description

Enter a name for the channel and tell us what it's about. This helps viewers it. You can add links to social networks or a website in the description.

Cover image

The cover image is shown on the channel page in Yandex.Efir. Upload a photo or image that reflects your channel. Images must be in JFIF, JPEG, PJP, PJPEG, JPG, or PNG form. Recommended size: 1380 × 240.

Channel icon

The icon is displayed in the upper-left corner of the video, as well as on the channel page. It makes your channel more recognizable. Click and upload a JFIF, JPEG, PJP, PJPEG, JPG, or PNG image file.

Remember that the channel design must meet the content requirements.

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