Content requirements

Hate speech and inciting violence

Hate speech is the expression of hate using any language or artistic means. For example, negative statements and calls for discrimination and violence against people based on their:

  • Social group.
  • Ethnic or national origin.
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Age.
  • Political views.
  • Faith.
  • Any other characteristics.

Content that features hate speech or calls for violence is prohibited on Yandex.Videohub.

Insults and profanity

Avoid obscene language, harsh language, and slang (such as “5-0”, “blow”, “Benjamins”, “pigs”, “ghosting”). Insults are prohibited, as is the publishing information that harms the integrity, dignity, or business reputation of anyone or anything.

Insults to the state and society, extremism

The following is prohibited:
  • Insults to the state, society, state representatives, and state symbols.
  • Abuse of state symbols.
  • Calls for radical actions and riots, to overthrow the government, and to violate state integrity.


Disinformation is prohibited: attempts to impersonate another person, spreading of false information, clickbait video titles, and so on. Only publish verified information that is true.

Prohibited goods and services

Prohibited goods and services include drugs, psychotropic substances, explosives, weapons, and other goods that are prohibited or restricted by law.

The following is prohibited:
  • References to prohibited goods and services.
  • Links to websites about them.
  • Instructions for producing or growing these products.
  • Descriptions of the effects and benefits of using these products.
  • Information on the purchase, use, or consumption of these problems, and so on.
Don't post information that may raise interest in prohibited goods and services or encourage actions involving them.

You may post about history (for example, about the Opium Wars), stories of coping with drug or psychotropic substance addiction, inform about other people's addiction, and similar information.


It is prohibited to describe methods of suicide and their advantages, to promote suicide, and to encourage it.

You may mention facts about suicide and refer to works that feature suicide. You may post philosophical, literary, and criminological analyses of the causes of suicide and statistics.


Gambling is any game that involves betting and rewards in the form of money or property. This includes taking bets and electronic and online casinos. Gambling involves risk and can cause material and moral loss.

It is prohibited to post materials that attempt to directly or indirectly interest viewers and encourage them to participate in gambling:

  • Links to gambling websites, online casinos, gambling clubs, and so on.
  • Instructions and strategies.
  • Exaggerating the probability of winning or downplaying the risk.
  • Judging those who don't gamble.

You may mention gambling in a historical, entertaining, or artistic context.

Shocking content

It is prohibited to post materials that contain descriptions and/or images of victims of disasters, violent acts against people and animals, corpses, diseases and deformities, intimate parts of the body and the process of childbirth, injuries, diseases, and insects and animals whose appearance causes disgust.

Dangerous content

Dangerous content is considered information that:

  • Contains calls for illegal actions or potentially dangerous activities. Can lead to actions that threaten the life and health of people.
  • Violates the users' rights.
  • Is in violation of the law.

Dangerous content in Yandex.Videohub is prohibited.

Someone else's content

It is prohibited to post content that contains third-party copyright objects and means of individualization (such as trademarks and trade names), if the legal rights holder doesn't consent to their use.

Pornographic material

It is prohibited to post pornographic content: descriptions and/or demonstrations of sexual behavior.

Harmful products and services

Products and services that are harmful to one's health include alcohol, tobacco products, tobacco heating systems, as well as everything related to the use of alcohol and tobacco products.

It is prohibited to directly or indirectly raise interest in these products and services. For example, talking about experiencing a pleasant experience after using tobacco or alcohol.

You may mention such products and services only if the material is exclusively informational and accompanied by a note about the dangers of smoking or excessive alcohol consumption.