Working with videos

You can find all your uploaded videos in the Video tab. Click the video to open the page to edit and manage it.

Editing video information

You can change information about the video at any time. For example, update the description or upload a new cover image. When you finish editing the video, it's sent for moderation.

Embedding a video

You can post uploaded videos on any website or blog. To do this, get the embed code: click Copy embed code.

The code contains an iframe container that displays a player with that video. Paste the embed code on a webpage. The embedded video starts working within 30 minutes.

Sharing a video

To get a link to the video, click Share video. You can insert the link in the browser address bar or send it to another user.

Deleting a video

You can delete a video at any time. Deleted videos are no longer displayed on Yandex services. All video information and comments are deleted. Deleted videos can't be restored.

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