Recommendations for creating videos

Carefully review our recommendations. They can help you make your videos more appealing, as well as increase the likelihood of your video passing moderation and appearing in recommendations to more viewers.


Choose a relevant subject for the video. Make a video about something you know a lot about. If you're having trouble choosing a topic, look at the categories shown when you upload a video in Yandex.Videohub. These are the topics that viewers often search for in Yandex search. The list is constantly updated based on viewer interests.

Write a script to stay on track. It also helps to write the text and read it aloud. This way you can identify complicated phrases and make sure the text sounds natural.

Plan out your shots: how the camera's going to move, when the shot should be wide, and when it should be a close-up. Dynamic videos keep the viewers' attention longer than static ones.

Consider timing. According to our data, viewers mostly watch videos that are around 10 minutes long.

Shooting the video

Shoot with high-quality equipment. For example, a professional photo or video camera. The video must be high-resolution: at least 1280 × 720 pixels.

When shooting, use a tripod or stabilizer (a device that keeps the camera steady despite shaky hands or sharp movements).

Try shooting the video in daylight or use artificial lighting.

High-quality sound is the foundation of a good video. It can be recorded on an external or body microphone to avoid background noise.

Take the time to edit the video: remove unnecessary segments, make a splash screen, add music. Use your own or public domain music and sound effects. Note: if you use someone else's music, your video may be rejected or deleted.

You can use both professional and free video editors, such as Shotcut or Lightworks.

Note that your video must meet the technical requirements and content requirements.

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