Questions about adding a site

I created a site, but it is still not indexed.

Perhaps, too little time has passed since the site was created. Add the site to Yandex.Webmaster and verify your rights to it. Also check if there were any server failures at the moment when the Yandex robot crawled it. In case of a server error, the Yandex robot stops indexing and makes another attempt when it crawls the site next time.

Yandex employees can't speed up how fast pages are added to the search base.

How long do I have to wait until the site gets into Yandex search results?

We don't forecast the site indexing timeframe and we can't guarantee that a site will be indexed. Usually, it takes from several days to two weeks from when the robot finds the site until the pages are shown in search results.

Yandex does not index my site at all. Why?

If a site isn't indexed yet, it does't mean that the robot is unaware of it. Perhaps the robot hasn't reached it yet, or indexing of the site is forbidden.

Why aren't all pages in a section indexed?

Most likely, not enough time has passed since the robot found out about the site.

If there are no errors in the section, don't worry – the rest of the pages will be indexed eventually.

My site has moved (its URL has changed). What should we do?

If your site is moving to a new domain, follow our recommendations (see the Moving a site to a new domain section).

My site resides on a foreign domain. Will Yandex index it?

Yes. Sites containing pages in Russian, Ukrainian, and Belarusian ​​are indexed automatically. Sites in English, German, and French are indexed if they might be interesting for users.

I added a site to Yandex using a service for automatic registration in search engines. Why is my site not indexed?

According to the , pages added through an automatic system aren't included in the search base. You can notify Yandex about a new site by adding it to the My Sites section.

How do I add a site with a Cyrillic URL?

You can specify the domain name in the way you like, Latin or Cyrillic. A Cyrillic domain name will be automatically converted to Punycode. For a Cyrillic domain, the encoding of the page URL should be the same as the encoding of the page.