What are microformats?

Microformats are semantic markup formats for (X)HTML pages that help make the content accessible for search robots. Microformats allow the webmaster to indicate the meaning of specific fragments of text explicitly by supplementing existing HTML markup with special blocks of code.

For example, you can indicate that a particular line is the address of your organization:
<div class="adr"> Moscow, 16 Leo Tolstoy Street</div>
In this example, the class attribute was added to the <div> HTML element. The value of the attribute is the name of the property stipulated by the microformat. As a result, the search robot will be able to interpret the content of the element as the value of this property.

Microformats are an open standard used by various services all over the world. At present, there are microformats for several popular subject areas, particularly for publishing information on organizations, products, reviews, events and many other things.

Yandex currently supports the following microformats:
  • hCard — markup format for contact information (addresses, telephone numbers, etc.);

  • hRecipe — format for describing cooking recipes;

  • hReview — markup format for reviews;

You can validate the markup on your website by using the .

The official site for microformats is http://microformats.org/wiki/.