Configuring the site display in the search results

A snippet is a brief “summary” of the document. It is shown in the search results under the page header. A snippet is generated automatically. It is based on the part of the page that contains the query words. The snippet can help the user get an idea of the document or even find the needed information without following the link. In some cases a snippet can contain additional information added by the webmaster. This makes the snippet more informative and provides additional details about the site and company.

At the moment, you can add and edit the following snippet information:

  • Letter case of the site name.

  • Sitelinks to site sections (you can only edit automatically identified links).

  • Meta descriptions

    A snippet is generated based on page text fragments and the content of the meta description tag. To influence the way your site is presented in the search results, you have to fill in the description tag correctly. For more information, see the Using meta descriptions section.

  • Site content

    The site owner can inform Yandex about the site content. The site will look more attractive in the search results, and also it will be shown in other Yandex services. For more information on how to send the data and how Yandex is going to use it, see theWhat data can be sent section.