What questions does your site answer?

The Yandex search engine is designed to answer questions. If your site answers the user's question better than others, it is most likely to be in the top position in the search results. Let's say that you or your company provide a service that is in high demand. In this case, you can create your own site to tell people about your services and advertise yourself, and Yandex search will help users to find answers to their questions using your site. When you create a site, it is helpful to understand how people formulate their needs in the search queries. The position of the page in search results is very much affected by the match between the page text and the search query, that is “text match”. For example, if the user is looking for a specific term which is never used on your site, it is unlikely that the search engine will choose your site to provide a good answer to the search query.


Try to make sure that the text on your site pages matches your potential clients' search terms.

Imagine that a user is interested in the services you provide. How would they type it into Yandex? Which words might they use? How much detail would they use to describe what they are looking for? The Keyword statistics service helps you analyze what search terms Yandex users are entering.

Type a word or a phrase that describes your product or service and click “Submit”. You will see user queries with this word or phrase (on the left) and related queries entered by the users who searched for this word or phrase (on the right). The column on the right helps you find less obvious keywords that are related to your service. For example, the users might enter synonyms or other words to widen or narrow the initial search. The numbers next to the search query estimate the number of such queries in Yandex per month. For example, the number next to “phone” includes all queries with the word“phone”: “buy phone”, “cell phone”, “buy cell phone”, “buy a new cell phone” and so on.

You can view query statistics by region to see the popularity of a search query in your city or region.

Query popularity depends on many factors and can vary quite a lot. For example, query popularity can depend on the season or world events connected with your business area. To track and analyze the situation, use the Yandex. Webmaster and Yandex.Metrica services.


Choose several keywords that describe your services. To have a high ranking, the page should provide the best answer to the user's query.