Which sites get badges

Badges give users additional information about the site and make search navigation more intuitive.

Sites are assigned:

An icon is displayed for the site with the badge.

Where are icons displayed?
Where are they displayed What icons
Yandex search results Official badges and “the rating on Yandex.Market”
The Site information page Official badges and special badges
Site quality → Quality indicators page if the site was added to Yandex.Webmaster

How do I view all the site's badges?

Compare your site's badges with other sites

How badges are assigned and displayed:

  1. Automatic algorithms are used to set badges for sites and display relevant icons in search results.
  2. These algorithms view all resources as equal.
  3. The input data and results of the algorithms are updated regularly. Yandex does not comment on these changes and does not guarantee badges to certain sites or display of icons in search results.
  4. The badges available and site's progress to receiving them may differ from country to country.
  5. Yandex reserves the right to change algorithms at any time without notice.
  6. The ranking algorithm depends on multiple factors, focusing on finding the page that best matches a specific search query. A specific page on a site might be most relevant to the query, even if the site doesn't have any badges.
  1. Official site badges and icons
  2. Special badges and icons

Official site badges and icons

Note. Official badges are issued only to those sites that fall into the listed categories.
Official site according to Yandex.Business Directory

A site receives this badge if it is the official site of a public authority according to the Yandex Business Directory.

Official auto.ru dealer

A site receives this badge if the organization has the status of an official auto.ru dealer.


A site receives this badge if it is the official site of airlines according to Yandex.Directory.


A site receives this badge if it is the official site of a foreign embassy.

Visa application centre

A site receives this badge if it is a visa application center recommended on the foreign embassy site.

Service center

A site receives this badge if it is a service center recommended on the brand's site.

Yandex service

A site receives this badge if it is a Yandex service.

Also, the badge can be displayed for the following search results:

Navigation response

This icon is displayed when there is a high level of confidence that this site matches user expectations for this search query. Examples are the Wikipedia website for a [Wikipedia] search, or vk.com for the [Vkontakte] search query. Such queries are called navigation queries.

Verified profile

This icon can be displayed next to the social media page if it matches a verified social media profile of a person or organization, based on data from social networks.

Special badges and icons

Secure connection

In search results, the badge is displayed for individual pages that have an HTTPS connection. The badge is displayed with the “Badge awarded” status on a special page in Yandex.Webmaster and on the Site quality → Quality indicators page when the site has a high traffic level with a significant percentage of it going to HTTPS pages. If the traffic level is too low to determine the status, the special page doesn't feature a badge, and the Quality indicator page displays a dash.

Users' choice

This badge is assigned to sites with high user engagement and loyalty according to Yandex data.

Turbo pages

A site receives this badge if it uses Turbo pages and a considerable percentage of traffic goes to the Turbo pages. They allow you to speed up the site loading by several times.

Rating on Yandex.Market

Displayed in search results, on the Site information page, and in Yandex.Webmaster on the Site quality → Quality indicators page if the site is a Yandex.Market partner. Store rating shows how satisfied customers are with its work.