Tracking quality indicators

Quality indicators show you how useful the site is for users. You can:
  • Track dynamic trends in the SQI and received badges, as well as compare your site's data with data for other sites.
  • Track achievements that affect the quality of the site. This may include Turbo page traffic or problems on the site.
  • Get recommendations for further development of the site.
To view this information, add the site to Yandex.Webmaster and verify your rights to manage the site. If the site has a subdomain, the Quality indicators page shows generalized data for all the site's URLs.
  1. Changes to the site quality index (SQI)
  2. Compare your website with other sites
  3. Achievements with the site
  4. Recommendations
  5. FAQ

Changes to the site quality index (SQI)

The chart shows dynamic trends in your site's SQI. You can also see the SQI of other sites if you add them to the comparison list.

To view your site's SQI over a certain period, set the date range. SQI for other sites is displayed starting from November 20, 2019.

Compare your website with other sites

You can compare your site with others based on indicators that show the site dynamics in your business niche:
  • The SQI indicator.
  • If the site has Turbo pages.
  • The site's rating on Yandex.Market, if the site is a partner. Store rating shows how satisfied customers are with its work.
  • Availability of an existing organization in Yandex.Business. Data about the organization added to Yandex.Business is displayed in the Yandex search results, on Yandex.Maps and in other services.
  • Site rating. 1–3 are considered bad ratings and 4 and 5 are considered good. When rating a site, users can leave a review about it. Ratings can be displayed on the Quality indicators page if there's more than 10 site reviews.
  • Progress in getting badges. Some badges may already be awarded and their label is shown. For other badges, there is a progress bar showing the site's current progress towards obtaining the badge. The label may be gray if there is not enough data to confirm it. Some badges may not be displayed if they haven't been awarded yet.

    Note. The badges available and site's progress to receiving them may differ from country to country.

To compare indicators, click Add site. You can add up to 20 sites.

To remove a site from the comparison, hover over the line with the desired site and click the icon to the left of the site URL.

Achievements with the site

Go to Achievements and statistics to track your progress in promoting the site. For example, to view the number of Turbo pages in search, track errors on the site, and monitor the state of important pages.

One of the achievements is the site speed index (). This is the page loading speed in Yandex.Browser when you navigate from the mobile Yandex search. The calculation uses depersonalized data. The indicator may not be displayed if there is not enough data for the calculation. To improve the indicator, see recommendations for speeding up the site.


Yandex.Webmaster offers recommendations that can help your website attract more users and keep them happier.


Why did SQI drop?

The SQI value is recalculated regularly based on many factors. During the time between recalculations, site-related factors may change. Therefore, we recommend improving the site, filling it with useful content, and so on. Over time, SQI may increase. For more information, see Why does SQI change?.

Why does the site speed index remain unchanged after the site optimization?

The site speed index is in beta testing. When the index is calculated, the measured values (such as the speed of receiving data from the server, the rendering time), as well as the measurement conditions (user segment, internet speed, and so on) may deffer.