Tracking site quality

The Yandex.Webmaster Site quality page contains general information about SQI and the badges that are available for your site. This information shows you how useful the site is for visitors. You can also compare your site data with data from other sites, like your competitors.

To view the information, add the site to Yandex.Webmaster and verify your rights to manage the site.

  1. Changes to the site quality index (SQI)
  2. Badge progress
  3. Compare your website with other sites
  4. Recommendations

Changes to the site quality index (SQI)

The chart shows the dynamics of SQI over time. You can view the SQI over a specific period by setting a date range.

Badge progress

This page shows the badges available for your site. The ones you already received are marked as badge awarded. A progress bar is shown for each of the other badges, showing the website's current progress towards obtaining new badges.

Note. The available badges and the site's progress may differ from country to country.

Compare your website with other sites

You can add sites with similar content to the list and create a summary table. To do this, go to the Compare sites section and click Add site.

The data in the table is sorted by SQI.


Yandex.Webmaster offers recommendations that can help your website to attract more users and keep them happier.