How do I find out a site's SQI?

There are several ways to find the site quality index for a site included in the Yandex search results:

On the “Site information” page.
  1. Go to the Site information page. It is also available in Yandex search results: click the button in the site snippet.
  2. Click next to the title. A search bar appears.
  3. Enter the site URL and click the icon.

If a dash is shown instead of the SQI, it means there is not enough site quality data available.

On the site
If the site owner placed an icon with SQI on the site.

If you added your site in Yandex.Webmaster, information about SQI is available:

To receive messages about changes in your site's quality index, configure notifications.

Reasons why SQI isn't displayed

Reason Solution
The site address is specified incorrectly Check the site URL.
The specified site isn't included in Yandex search results If you are the site owner, add the site to Yandex.Webmaster. For the Yandex robot to detect your site pages faster, send them for reindexing.
The site has been added to search recently, and the SQI indicator isn't calculated for it yet. SQI will be calculated using a special algorithm within one month after the site appears in the search results.


Why did SQI drop?

The SQI value is recalculated regularly based on many factors. During the time between recalculations, site-related factors may change. Therefore, we recommend improving the site, filling it with useful content, and so on. Over time, SQI may increase.

Check out the site development recommendations.