Questions and answers

Users' questions and answers posted on your site can be structured and displayed on the Yandex search result pages. To help the search robot detect the best answer, mark up appropriate pages with two markup types — Question and Answer.

Snippet without semantic markup:

Snippet with markup (displaying the best answer):

A single page should include one question and the corresponding answers to it.

Supported markup types and schema fields

Special snippets are shown for pages that have the Question and Answer types of markup. The property types that are recognized by Yandex are listed below. The data type that the property value should correspond to is indicated in the second column.

nameTextTitle of the question. Entered as a Question property.Yes
acceptedAnswer or suggestedAnswerAnswerBest or regular answer. An answer marked up using this property is highly likely to be shown in the snippet. Entered as a Question property.Yes
textTextText of the question. Entered as an Answer property.No

Number of votes for a specific answer.

The answer with the largest value in this field is highly likely to be shown in the snippet unless the acceptedAnswer property is entered. Entered as an Answer property.


Example of markup

<div itemscope itemtype="">
   <h1 itemprop="name">Do wild hares swim?</h1>
   <div itemprop="acceptedAnswer" itemscope itemtype="">
      <meta itemprop="upvoteCount" content="3" />
      <div itemprop="text">They are excellent swimmers! One day, while I was working on a small island in the Northern Archipelago of the White Sea, I witnessed two white hares swimming across the cold strait, which was over three hundred meters wide, to my island. They hopped along the shore and swam back to the mainland.
   <div itemprop=" suggestedAnswer" itemscope itemtype="">
      <meta itemprop="upvoteCount" content="1" />
      <div itemprop="text">If they could, Mazai wouldn't have rescued them.</div>

You can check your markups using the validator.