Contextual Help

Add site

When adding a site, specify the URL at which it is available: with or without www, and with the HTTP or HTTPS protocol. You can copy the address from the browser.

If the site has a subdomain, add the primary domain and subdomain to the service separately. You can verify the rights with a single code.

A site added to Yandex.Webmaster should return the HTTP 200 OK status.

Verifying your rights

To work with Yandex.Webmaster you need to confirm your rights.

If you added a site with subdomains, use the with a single code. Single code verification isn't available if .

How do I reset another user's rights?

General information (Summary)

Brief information about errors, crawling of the site by the robot, pages' status in search statistics, and search query statistics.

My sites

This section shows the sites you to Yandex.Webmaster. Brief statistics on the site status in the search is available if you for the site management.

Site diagnostics

If Yandex.Webmaster detects errors on the site, information is shown in this section. The site is checked every day.

The information about errors doesn't affect site ranking or indexing, but we recommend to fix “Critical” and “Fatal” errors.

You can to receive messages by email.

Crawl statistics

This section allows you to view which pages on your site are crawled by the robot. You can identify the addresses of pages the robot failed to load because the hosting server was unavailable, or due to errors in the content of the pages.

Webpages available in Yandex search (menu section)

The section shows the site pages included in the Yandex search.

A page may be missing from the search results if it duplicates the content of another page, contains spam or viruses, redirects to another URL, or if there was a downloading error.

Site structure

The service shows the site sections containing not less than 10 pages and making up more than 1% of the total number of pages that have been loaded into the search database.

If you delete a custom section from the site structure, the information about it is preserved in the search engine database.

Check URL status

You can check if the robot knows about a particular page if you.

In the URL field you can enter the full page URL or the path from the site root beginning with “/”.

Collection and processing of information usually takes up to 2 minutes. Sometimes it may take several hours. Once the data processing is complete, the report status will change to “ready”.

Important pages

You can track how Yandex indexes the most important site pages and the most popular pages recommended by Yandex.Webmaster.

To get information about changes by email, .


Sitemap files

Add the file to Yandex.Webmaster to speed up the indexing of your site.

the new Sitemap file before adding it.

To notify Yandex about changes in the file, click the icon.

Check the Sitemap file before it to Yandex.Webmaster.

Moving the site

You can notify Yandex about changing the site URL. The URL specified in the field will be the main mirror.

Site region

This section contains information about the region set for the site. Region changes take effect after the search base is checked and updated.

Original texts

If you post texts that haven't been published online before, notify Yandex about it. This can be taken into account when showing the site in the search results.

Letter case of the site name

You can change the letter case of the site name. It does not affect the ranking.

The changes will be checked and will take effect after the search database is updated.

Search queries

The section contains statistics on the search queries from the Recent queries section.

This section shows search queries for which the site is in the first 50 positions of Yandex search results. Learn more


Robots.txt analysis

Check if the file is valid. The Results of robots.txt analysis section lists the directives for the robot when indexing the site.

To check if indexing of a certain page is allowed or prohibited, enter the page in the URL list field.

Checking the server's response

Find out if the site can be accessed by Yandex robots.

Robots use different . To determine which bot accesses your site, check its user agent in the server logs.

Audit pages for mobile compatibility

Find out if the site is optimized for mobile devices. The service will check necessary parameters and give recommendations about the site page.

Security and violations

When Yandex finds a or on the site, information about it is shown in this section. You can to receive messages by email.

Pages in search

The section shows the site pages included in the Yandex search. A page may be missing from the search results if it duplicates the content of another page, contains spam or viruses, redirects to another URL, or if there was a downloading error.

Reindex pages

The section helps to notify Yandex about new and updated pages. Once you send the page addresses you can view their status:

“In queue” — The page is sent to the robot for crawling. The request will be processed within 3 days.

“Crawled” — The page was crawled by the robot. The page information will be updated in the search within 2 weeks.

“Error” — The robot couldn't access the page.

Turbo pages

In this section you can monitor the creation of Turbo pages and manage their display.

In this section you can add information about the site.

When passing data through the RSS feed, general information about the site added in Yandex.Webmaster is not taken into account.