Installation and updates

Where can I download the latest version of the browser?

Where can I download a full version of the installer?

When installing the browser, I get the error "Not a valid Win32 application"

How can I install the browser for all Windows accounts?

How can I turn off auto updates?

Error when updating the browser

The browser is not updated

How can I uninstall the browser?

How can I disable the browser update in the background?

Browser performance

Browser is slow

The browser uses too much memory

Why does the browser create so many processes?

Extensions and apps

Where can I find extensions?

What extensions are not supported by Yandex.Browser?

How do I install an extension?

How do I disable or remove an extension?

How do I install an app?

How do I remove an app?

How can I change the browser theme?

How can I publish an add-on in the Yandex.Browser catalog?

An installed extension is disabled

My extension is disabled

Extension authenticity could not be verified

My extension didn't pass verification

Ads and banners appear

Extension button isn't displayed on the panel

Crashes, errors, and website access issues

A website doesn't open in any browsers

Proxy server error

A website doesn't open in Yandex.Browser

My page in social networks is blocked

A page doesn't open

No access to social networks

A webpage has a redirect loop

Error message “You have changed your password but your information is still encrypted with your old password”


How do I enable syncing?

Syncing error (incorrect password)


A page opens with a request to send an SMS, or another type of suspicious site

Will the Yandex.Browser protection conflict with my antivirus program?

What type of virus protection does Yandex.Browser have?

How is Yandex.Browser protected?

How can I turn on the family content filter?


How can I turn on the translator?

I selected the option "Never translate this site". Is it possible to translate after this?


How do I change the background?

The background doesn't change on the Tableau page

Widgets disappear from the Tableau

How can I add more widgets to the Tableau?

Why isn't the Tableau syncing?


Flash video, music, or games do not play

Shockwave crash

Audio doesn't play on and Yandex.Music


How can I delete a cookie?

How can I turn on cookies?

Where can I find the cache?

How can I clear the cache?

How do I open an incognito window?

How can I save my passwords?

Displaying site content

Images are not displayed

A website is displayed incorrectly (markup errors)

Ad blocks aren't displayed

A site loads but part of the functionality doesn't work

Fonts are displayed incorrectly in the browser

Fuzzy font

Yandex.Browser in Windows 10

How do I set the default browser?

How do I pin the browser to the taskbar?

How do I pin the browser to the first screen in the Start menu?

Browser settings

How do I make Yandex.Browser the default browser?

How can I set the start page?

How can I make downloaded files open automatically?

How can I change the folder for downloaded files?

How can I enable JavaScript support?

What are exceptions and how do I set them up?

How can I show icons on the bookmarks bar?

Can I replace the site's name with its icon on the bookmarks bar?

How do I change font size or page zoom?

How do I create a new browser profile?

How do I turn off Searchness mode?

How do I change encoding?

How can I transfer settings from another browser to Yandex.Browser?

Why were my settings imported without permission?

How do I turn on spellcheck?


What are quick links?

What are the “Copy” and “Share” buttons for?

How can I turn off the “Copy” and “Share” buttons?

What does the message "Some page content has been hidden to reduce loading times" mean?