Браузер (классический интерфейс)
Рекомендации в браузере

About the classic Yandex.Browser

Convenient search

Enter search queries, URLs, or website names in the SmartBox. The suggestions help you refine your search. You can see answers to basic questions (such as the height of Mount Everest) without going to the search results.

Reliable protection

The browser has its own active protection system called . It scans downloaded files for viruses, warns you of dangerous or fraudulent sites, and secures public Wi-Fi connections and passwords.

Fast browser

When the internet connection is slow, Turbo mode is automatically activated. It speeds up page loading, compresses video streams, and saves traffic.

Device syncing

  • Install Yandex.Browser on your smartphone and tablet, and sync them with your computer. Your bookmarks, tabs, history, and settings will be available on any of these devices and won't be lost, even if the device fails.
  • After syncing, you won't need to manually dial phone numbers that you find on websites. Click a phone number in the browser on your computer, and your smartphone will dial the number.


  • Import your favorite bookmarks, history, and settings from a different browser installed on your computer.
  • Expand the browser features using extensions and apps. The browser allows you to install add-ons only from trusted sources, and regularly checks their authenticity.
  • Change the look of your browser by selecting a preset background or uploading your own image.
  • Put links to your favorite pages on the Tableau for one-click navigation. Sometimes the information you need is shown directly on the Tableau. Widgets for social networks can display the number of new notifications and friend requests, and widgets for Yandex services show current info such as weather or traffic.

Viewing files and reading books

  • Read books and documents right in the browser. You can open them from the internet, or from a local file. In addition to PDF, the browser can read DOCX, PPTX, RTF, FB2, and EPUB files.
  • Listen to audio files in the browser, and view images or watch videos.