Create publications

How do I create publications in Zen?

You can create publications for your channel:

  • Using the Zen editor: Using the Editor, you can create publications containing text, images, and video. Texts can be formatted. When you highlight text, a panel with formatting tools will appear on the screen.
  • On your site: Connect your publication or blog to the Zen RSS feed. If your site doesn't have RSS, the robot will get Zen publications directly from your site, but this may result in ads or user profiles mistakenly ending up in your feed.

How do I connect a RSS feed to Zen?

  1. Mark up your RSS feed in accordance with Zen requirements.
  2. Write to Zen customer support:

Your feed will connect after it passes technical- and editorial-moderation. If your feed doesn't pass moderation, you will get an email informing you of what errors need to be corrected. As soon as you correct these errors, let us know.

What content should not be posted on Zen?

Content that doesn't correspond to the user agreement rules. Channels containing this type of content are automatically pessimized.

Can I edit or delete articles after they are published?

  • You can edit or delete publications that are created in the Editor.
  • Publications that are posted in an RSS feed can be edited on the source site. You can not delete any recommendations that are connected with them from Zen.

How does Zen determine who to display my publications too?

Zen uses data on user behavior on the internet to generate a recommendations feed, including what sites users visit and how they rate articles and videoclips. Users can also subscribe to channels that interest them and influence the contents of their feed using the More like this and Less like this buttons.