Statistics and monetization

Can I pay to promote my publication's channel?

Recommendations are ranked in users' feeds automatically. Those articles that are of interest to users and do not violate the service's Terms of Use are recommended more highly.

Currently, it's not possible to pay to increase your channel's audience.

How do you decide what ends up on the channel selection screen?

The most popular Zen channels end up on that screen automatically.

What order are my articles arranged in on Zen?

Zen arranges recommendations in a feed according to user demand.

Your postings are posted in the Editor in chronological order, but you can sort them by the following:

  • Image
  • Heading
  • Whether article was read
  • Whether article was shared
  • Number of Likes
  • Number of Dislikes

What should I do if my Zen referrals fell?

Perhaps some of your postings do not comply with the service's Terms of Use. If this is the case, your channel will be pessimized automatically. To correct this, delete the content that doesn't follow the rules and then let Zen customer support know that you made these changes:

Why is my traffic inconsistent?

The ranking mechanism factors in both subscribers to your channel and non-subscribers. The more regular readers your channel has, the more stable your traffic.

Where can I view traffic and display statistics?

  • In the Editor. You can view information about your channel (likes, dislikes, subscribers, blocks) as well as about individual postings (likes, dislikes, clicks, displays) for a given period.
  • In Yandex.Metrica or a similar web analytics system.

How can I make money from Zen?

After your postings reach the threshold of 30,000 conversions per week, a button to monetize your postings will become available in the Editor. In order to start earning money in Zen, select one of the following two ways of placing ads:

Simple earnings
  • You receive revenue from the automatic placement of advertisements in your postings.
  • Your earnings can be transferred to either your Yandex.Money or PayPal accounts.
Direct sales and advertising networks
  • You can configure the placement of direct sales ads from the ADFOX system or your Yandex Advertising Network codes in your postings.
  • You can insert other advertising systems and ad networks by using the ADFOX interface.

Which way of earning money is suitable for me?

  • If you are an independent author, then you should choose the simple earnings method. You simply write postings, and you will earn income from the ads that are added to them. You can withdrawal your earnings to your Yandex.Money or PayPal accounts. If you are a citizen of the Russian Federation, then we will withhold taxes and social security contributions on your behalf in accordance with Russian law. Therefore, before you can withdraw funds, you will need to fill out a questionnaire form providing your passport data, TIN, and SNILS.
  • If you professionally earn money through online advertising, you can configure your postings to display ads from the advertising systems that you use. You can configure the placement of Yandex Advertising Network ads or direct sales ads from ADFOX in the Advertising Settings section of the Zen Editor. You can place ads from third-party networks and advertising systems using the ADFOX interface.

Where can I view information about my current balance?

In the Balance section of the Editor. Your current funds and transaction history is available there.

How and when am I able to withdraw funds?

Starting on June 1, 2017, you will be able to withdraw any amount from your Zen account an unlimited number of times. Just follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that your questionnaire and documents are up-to-date. Once you have done this, you can submit them for review.
  2. Press the withdraw funds button, enter the amount to transfer as well as your Yandex.Money or PayPal account details.
  3. Your transfer request will be processed. This might take some time.

The result will be displayed in your transaction history. If an error occurs, then the reason why the transaction was not processed will be displayed there.