A log is a record of the account users' actions. It's only available to the account administrator.

The log records all changes to objects in the system made by all user types. By default, only the last 100 actions with the object are displayed.

The log doesn't display Adfox API requests.


The log stores data for the last three years.

Logged information:

  • Date, time: When the changes were made (Moscow time).
  • Object ID: The ID of the object that was changed.
  • Object: The type of object that was changed (a campaign, flight, or banner).
  • Name: The custom name of the object.
  • Object 2: The parent object type. For example, if the object is a banner, object 2 is the flight in which the banner is placed.
  • Name 2: The custom name of object 2.
  • Action: Add, change settings, change placement settings, copy, copy banners, target by URL, target by OS, target by geography, target a user, target by frequency, and delete.
  • Field: The parameter that was changed.
  • Old value: The value before the changes were made.
  • New value: The new value.
  • User: The login of the user that made the changes. If multiple people use the account and you need to know who made the changes and when, we recommend that you manage access permissions by adding assistants.
  • IP: The IP address from which the changes were made.

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