Measuring campaigns

Measuring campaigns are used to collect statistics and simulate actual campaign placements. The only difference from commercial campaigns is that measuring campaign banners aren't shown to site visitors: only possible impressions are counted. A measuring campaign takes part in a rotation with commercial campaigns. If a measuring campaign banner is selected for an impression, the server records the statistics (without running this banner) and immediately selects another campaign, which is shown to the site visitor.

Measuring campaigns are available to the account administrator and assistants if they have the necessary campaign access rights. Advertisers that are assigned to measuring campaigns don't see them in the Adfox interface.

Create a measuring campaign

Open the Campaigns → Measuring tab and click Add.

Set the necessary campaign parameters. For example, if you need to measure the total site traffic volume, specify the highest priority for the campaign and place it on the site. Then it's shown to every user that visits the site.

If you need to measure campaign placement with some restrictions or targetings, specify them the same way as for a regular campaign.


Only the Guarantee type is available for measuring campaigns.

Add banners to the measuring campaign.

You can calculate traffic (the number of visitors) on a targeting or placement profile the same way. To do this, when you create a measuring campaign, select a profile, save the campaign, and add banners.

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