Tags in click links

Tags are added to the click link that leads to the advertiser's site. They can help you track traffic sources more accurately in web analytics systems. For example, you can use this information to analyze how effective a particular ad type (such as display or contextual ads) is.

Using tags can help solve issues with sending the referer (it can sometimes be sent incorrectly, like when the user clicks a banner placed in an iFrame). This also enables the advertiser to collect more statistical samples by traffic sources: by banner and campaign as well as by the site that the visitor came from. That information is added to what the counter reads from referer.

You can add tags in one of the following ways:

  1. Manually add UTM tags to the link that leads to the advertiser's site.

  2. Enable automatic tag substitution:

    • In the campaign settings: tags are substituted for all banners of this campaign.
    • In the banner settings (they take priority over campaign settings): tags are substituted for this banner only.

Add tags manually

You can add UTM tags to the click link using a link builder:

  1. For Google Analytics.
  2. For Openstat.

Yandex Metrica also recognizes Google Analytics and Openstat tags.

When you add the banner, put the link in the Transition URL parameter.


When you add tags to click links manually, there's no need to enable automatic tag substitution.

Add tags automatically

Tags are automatically added to the click link when the banner code is sent to the site page.

To enable automatic tag substitution, select one of the counters in the Enable tag parameter for a campaign or a banner:

  • Openstat.ru

  • Google Analytics

  • Add your own tags

    To add your own tags, contact support and ask them to enable the UTM tags module. Only the account administrator can create custom tags. Assistants can only view custom tag settings.

    Go to Settings → Tags, click Add and enter the following information:

    The maximum number of characters in tag parameters is 255.

    Start entering parameters without a question mark (?).


In the banner parameters, the click links can't contain manually created tags.

Macros available for substituting tags to parameters

Macro Description
%banner.id% The banner ID.
%campaign.id% The campaign ID.
%owner.id% The account ID.
%place.id% The placement ID.
%section.id% The section ID.
%site.id% The site ID.
%supercampaign.id% The supercampaign ID.
%request.puidN% The user characteristic values obtained from the banner request, where N is the characteristic number from 1 to 63.

Sample UTM tag:


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