Sending campaign statistics

You can have reports automatically sent to your contractors (advertisers and agencies) and managers. You can set a schedule for sending reports, as well as grouping criteria and statistics indicators from a campaign's start to its completion.

To start sending statistics:

  1. When creating or editing a campaign, select Notification enabled under Sending campaign statistics.

  2. Select how often you want to send statistics:

    • Every day to send the report daily. The report contains data for the previous day.
    • Every Monday (or any other day of the week) to send the report weekly on the specified day. The report contains data for the previous day.
    • Every third day of month to send the report monthly. The report is generated from the campaign's start date to the previous day inclusive.
  3. In the Email list field, specify the report recipient's email address. To add multiple email addresses, press Enter and type another one. The maximum number of email addresses is 10. They may belong to any domain.

    An email with a request for consent to receive statistics will be sent to the specified email addresses. By confirming the request, the recipient gives permission to send them statistics from any Adfox partners. The recipient can unsubscribe from receiving statistics by following the link in the first or any subsequent email.

    In the list, recipient statuses are color coded:

    • Gray: The recipient has not given consent to receive statistics yet.
    • Green: The recipient has given consent to receive statistics.
    • Red: The recipient has opted out of receiving statistics.
  4. Set the report parameters: Standard or Extended.

    The data in the report will be grouped by:

    The following indicators will be exported to the report:

    • Banner ad responses
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • CTR

    To adjust the settings, switch to Extended mode.

    You can choose to group the report data by:

    Select the indicators to include in the report:

    • Banner ad responses
    • Impressions
    • Clicks
    • CTR
    • Impressions (IMS)
    • Viewable Ad Impression
    • Viewable Ad impressions (IMS)
    • Unique impressions
    • Unique clicks
    • Unique CTR
    • Impression frequency
    • Average CPM
    • Revenue

    You can download and view sample reports:

The report is sent after 9:00 Moscow time (UTC+3) on the selected schedule. It is only sent to the recipients who have given consent to receive statistics.

No verification for receiving the newsletter or reports is sent. You can check whether your contractor receives statistics by the color of their email address in the campaign settings.

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